Faded Headlights Q & A

Many people notice the headlight lenses on their cars or trucks have clouded over the years, and we are often asked these questions:

Q: What causes the lenses to cloud over time—is it UV exposure, chemical exposure or something else? A: It is primarily UV exposure that degrades plastic lenses. New lenses have a coating that inhibits exposure, but over time, it wears off. Sand and road grime impact does not help either.

Q: Is there something I can do to prevent, reduce or mitigate the cause of the plastic getting cloudy? A: The best thing you can do for headlight lenses is to keep them clean and waxed to help protect them.

Q: Can the headlights be restored?

A: Yes! SuperGlass can restore the clear shine of your headlights. The SuperGlass Headlight Restoration system removes the opaque and yellowed surface of the poly-carbonate, and restores clarity of your headlights to like-new condition. The restored headlights are protected with a UV resistant coating, and are guaranteed for a year.

Spending time and money to clean cloudy lenses is well worth it. Not only does it makes the whole car look better, it will also allow you to have better vision at night.

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