How WaterShield Glass Coating Can Make Your Drive Safer

When it comes to car safety, one can never have too many safety features. One of the most important aspects of a safe car is windshield visibility. There are many negative factors that can impair a driver’s ability to see what’s happening on the road. Repels Water A rainy day can distort what you’re seeing on the road and put you, your passengers, as well as other drivers and pedestrians, at high risk. WaterShield hydrophobic coating from SuperGlass will cause your windshield to repel the water and keep your visibility clear.

Dirt and Bugs When dirt and bugs stick to your windshield, it usually takes more than just a spray of water to get them off. Hydrophobic treatment will make it much easier to clean them off and allow you to get your windows cleaner than without it.

Not Just the Windshield Hydrophobic glass coating is not just for windshields! WaterShield will work equally well on the other glass windows on your car, as well as your exterior mirrors for additional visibility safety. Seeing where you’re going is the most important part of car safety. WaterShield hydrophobic coating will greatly help you to see clearly. No matter if it’s winter or summer,WaterShield hydrophobic coating is the solution for a clean, clear, safety-promoting windshield.

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