What Causes Windshield Damage?

What Hit My Windshield?

We repair windshields every day, and many of our customers have no idea how their windshield damage happened. Below are three of the most common causes of windshield chips and


Debris on the Road

When gravel or other debris on the road is run over by a car or truck on the road in front of you, it can become airborne and hit your windshield. This is one of the most common ways windshield damage occurs. While nothing can completely prevent this type of damage, maintaining a safe following distance (especially on an unpaved road) can help to prevent this from happening to your windshield.

Driving Behind Construction Vehicles

Dump trucks, trucks hauling large tractors, and other construction vehicles often have debris caked onto them, as well as pebbles and rocks from the job site trapped in the treads of their tires. This debris can become airborne and damage your windshield. As mentioned above, the best practice is to maintain a safe following distance.


It doesn’t hail often, but hail can occur anywhere. Hail, depending on how big it is, can chip or put small breaks in your windshield. If you find yourself driving in hail, slow your speed to minimize the impact on the windshield.

Bad News – Good News

Windshield damage is bad news, but the good news is SuperGlass can fix it, and we fix it better than anyone! If you have a damaged windshield, give us a call today!

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