Clouded Headlights Not Just Cosmetic Problem But a Safety Issue

Experiment shows difference in visibility; tests inexpensive solutions

Picture yourself driving down a dark road on a rainy night. Your visibility is already limited, but it's worse if the lenses on your car's headlights have begun to oxidize. That's when they can get hazy, clouded over or even yellowed.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety trooper Richard Standifer, it's a combination of the heat generated on the inside of the lens by the light itself, and the heat and humidity that makes this an issue for Florida drivers.

In the video Lyn Nguyen, an IT contractor, said she had been driving around with her clouded lenses for six years.Nguyen agreed to participate in a demonstration to see just how affected visibility can be by the lenses. Two children walked in front of her 2004 Honda Accord, about 175 feet away.The children then walked in front of a newer vehicle with clear headlight lenses. There was a noticeable difference in the visibility between Nguyen's car and the newer one."I thought my lights were bright until seeing that. It's frightening because children do play at night," said Nguyen.

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